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I'm a therian and a furry, but I know the difference betwen both. I was always a therian, but I didn't realize this until I found out there are others like me. I thought I was just weird, but it turns out, I'm completely  normal! I became aware in 2015. The reason I'm also a furry is because I like to pretend (with Role Play) because it's almost like writing my own book! Even though computers are fun, I'd like to become more social and find a pack/group. I may start one or find one, but I'll just have to wait and see what comes up first! I live in Allen, TX, so I would assume there aren't many therians nearby... If there are any therians out there, lone or groups, please let me know! My species is a mountain lion, but with some canine thrown in there. I probably won't fit in with any packs (the reason for starting one). 



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My Skype is the same as my gmail.

 Just a Reminder...


This website is a work-in-progress. If something looks off, it's because I haven't noticed it yet. Please don't go around telling people that this is a bad site; again, I'm still working on it. Also, if you came to this site just to spam or be a troll, it's not funny. Nobody likes or appreciates internet trolls going around and being mean to others. It's a form of cyber-bullying so I can and will report it. If you came to this site because you're bored, it's not a really exciting place... it's all static :/ . If you came to this site because you are a kind and respectful therian looking for a pack, I welcome you and encourage you to stick around! I will update this site every now and then so you know what's going on. Thank you for visiting my website!